Why companies invest in local art for the business environment:
Key advantages

- Instil a deeper connection with both clients, employees and visitors to develop a stronger, more valued relationship for future advocacy - Create a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for visitors to admire - Generate a conversational relatability anchor for clients - Increase positivity, efficiency, creativity, productivity and overall satisfaction of employees - Represent the value of each individuals experience to instil a deeper relationship with the business, investing in the culture of the company - Represent a high quality differentiator to establish the businesses high standards - Promote a strong level of pride within the association of your business through communal connection - Create a powerful impression on those throughout the premises for organic advocacy and testimonials - Generate a strong brand identity and image which appeals to the target audience and demographic


Each display is produced with a high quality of materials using local vendors. 

Available to purchase outright, through a specified payment plan for up to twelve months, or via a leasing agreement over thirty six months, a range of options offer the chance to propel your environment into the future  


Aligning with the values of generating a broader appreciation for our local environments, our mission is to improve all facets of the businesses we work with, and seek the best solution to achieve the discussed ideal outcome for each business looking to stand out from the rest. 


If the idea is to fill space on a wall, our displays will not be the ideal option.  


We work with companies and small businesses ready to invest in their future to grow and expand the brand identity into one the community truly connects with.  



For all enquiries regarding commissions and projects aside from our available displays, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact to discuss your needs and desires for the project. 

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